It is an extraordinary book, which contains a very deep knowledge explained in a great and original way, but above all it is fresh and innovative.
To know that it comes from a heart that has experienced and keep experiencing the divine Love and that sighs and wishes to transmit it to others.





Ma Shivā Mayi
"Happiness is the origin and end of life"

Una Rivoluzione di Coscienza is a text that includes the teachings of the Spiritual Teacher Ma Shivā Mayi and is accompanied by original illustrations by Giulia Betti, one of her numerous students.


Through a series of 15 chapters, going through the phases of a scientific literary journey, but above all spiritual, you come to understand how Yoga is not just a series of physical exercises practiced today in all gyms in the world, but a way of living that carries in itself the ultimate goal of all human beings, happiness.


Una Rivoluzione di Coscienza is a work adapted to all those who wish to see the world from a scientific point of view, as well as for those who would like to approach the history and teachings of the great masters of India – also thanks to a wise use of photos and quotes selected by the writer – as well as readers interested in Sanskrit, «the language most adapted to squeeze the peculiar concepts of yogic philosophy, which are totally foreign to Western culture»

The book itself is a way to understand the law of karma and come into contact with yogic practices and techniques to live and feel the universe as a pulsating being where «Everything is perfect».


Una Rivoluzione di Coscienza moves the deepest waters of our Being, to let us find in it’s pages the necessary “weapons” to initate the battle of the Light against darkness, the battle of the Knowledge against spiritual ignorance and of the Love against fear. A battle to find the true inner peace and a life full of harmony.

The author, with elegance, wisdom, sympathy and a pure heart offers us all help to recognize these ¨weapons¨ so we can take a step forward. She urges us to advance in this Revolution using the enlightened words and messages of the wise men and women of the East and West, the Science that is a way to prove this ancient wisdom, the instruments of Spiritual Yoga and her very own experience of life, a life whole full of courage and braveness, dedicated to experience and transmit to others the knowledge conquered from a very young age, a life full of Love in the service of Humanity.


A book that should be in the hands of all spiritual seekers in the Yoga´s world.

Una Rivoluzione di Coscienza is a wonderful book! Infinite thanks.


                                                                        -MILAGRO VARGAS SIVERIO

A book that perfumes incense and fresh flowers, forest and sea air, that makes us feel part of a Whole that we often manage to intuit but that we can hardly demonstrate empirically.
A book to read from beginning to end or to meditate slowly, savoring its nectar form drop to drop.
A book in which any sincere spiritual seeker can rediscover a piece of Himself and that Great Truth towards which our Soul calls us but which often seems so difficult to caress and understand.