Ma Shivā Mayi discloses the teachings of the original Yoga of India trough a specific course: The Path of Spiritual Yoga, articulated in four levels of ten or twelve seminars. In the first two levels Ma Shivā Mayi exposes the various themes with Power Point projections. The active participation of those present is always indispensable (satsang).

On the path of Yoga, we will learn to solve the apparent incompatibility between daily life and spiritual perfection, living in TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE.

In all the four levels the theoretical part will be accompanied by practical teachings and specific techniques that concretize the philosophical concepts learned. The teachings of Yoga will be illustrated with the words of the great Teachers of the Indo-Vedic tradition, with texts and ancient stories, anecdotes and life experiences of Ma Shivā Mayi as testimonies of the truths of Spiritual Yoga.

Level I



In this first level we will learn the true meaning of the word Yoga and the bases of its main teachings. We will also see how to deal with fundamental issues of human life according to the teachings of the original Yoga.

Trough the practice of Spiritual Yoga, the student learns to live totally immersed in the concrete daily dimension without losing contact with the spiritual Reality.


  1. Yoga and Practice

  2. Yoga and Suffering

  3. Yoga and Everyday Life

  4. Everything is Perfect

  5. Yoga and Fear of the Soul

  6. Yoga, Karma and Reincarnation

  7. Yoga and Dharma

  8. Yoga and Happiness

  9. Yoga and Nature

  10. Yoga and the Great Mother

Level III



The Gita represents the first text in the world that deals in detail with Spiritual Yoga and teaches us that the human being is constituted by the body, the mind-psyche (conscious and unconscious) and the soul. This sacred book gives us the tools to realize the identity between the soul and the Universal Spirit, among which is the capacity to surrender to the Whole.

Through the study of this beloved text of the Indo-Vedic tradition, we will understand that the way in which the spiritual evolution of the soul has been available to us is precisely the life we are living in this material world.

  1. Introduction. Indo-Vedic Cosmogony. The pain of the Man, chap. I

  2. The man is an immortal spiritual being, chap. II; Karma Yoga, chap, III

  3. Jñana Yoga, chap IV; The Yoga of renunciation to the fruits of action, chap. V

  4. Meditation, chap. VI

  5. Being is everything, chap VII; Abandon the mind to the Self, chap. VIII

  6. Offer the actions to the Self, chap. IX; Being in the heart of every creature, chap. X

  7. The I is an instrument of the Self, chap. XI; Bhakti Yoga, chap. XII

  8. The Self is the One, chap XIII; Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, chap. XIV

  9. The yogis see the Self, chap. XV; Know the Scriptures, chap. XVI

  10. Om tat sat: That is the Truth, chap. XVII; Abandon the sense of the I and mine, chap. XVIII

Level II



The second level will lead students to a deeper understanding of Yoga by describing the structure of macro and microcosm proposed by the ancient clairvoyant yogis, which in many ways is analogous to the proposals of modern physics and neuroscience.

Yoga and current science agree in stating that the body and the mind are expressions of a unified energy field that in its essence is Consciousness. They will also be taught the main yogic techniques of the Indo-Vedic tradition whose correct practice leads to self-observation, to the purification of the ego, which comes in this way appeased and to the possibility of experiencing a greater luminosity and clarity of mind: light of the buddhi. By buddhi is understood the spiritual intelligence, that is the intuitive feeling that is capable of discriminating between the Real and the Non-Real, between the Higher Being and the lower being linked to the mental dimension of the individual.


  1. Yoga and Consciousness

  2. Yoga, Thought and Will I

  3. Yoga, Thought and Will II

  4. Yoga and Emotions I

  5. Yoga and Emotions II

  6. Yoga and Abandonment

  7. Yoga and Death

  8. Karma Yoga

  9. Jnana Yoga

  10. Bhakti Yoga

  11. Dhyana Yoga

  12. Mantra Yoga

Level IV



Through the fourth and last level we deepen into Yoga as a science of Self realization. We will analyze the text in which Patañjali has codified Raja Yoga in eight fundamental steps (Ashtanga Yoga) that lead the yogi to Savitarka Samadhi, dimension in which the yogi is concentrated in the One keeping the individual consciousness. The study of this text is of fundamental importance to complete the knowledge of Yoga.

We will learn the ancient yogic methods of purification of the mind using the dispositions that in Yoga are called yama and niyama and of control of the vital energy through the practices of pranayama. We will also learn techniques for withdrawal of attention and concentration.


  1. Samadhi Pada. The modifications of the mind; the practice, chap I – XVIII

  2. The Samadhi, chap. XVIII – XXVI

  3. The Om mantra; meditation, chap. XXVII – XL

  4. Savitarka Samadhi; Nirvichara Samadhi; Sabija Samadhi; Nirbija Samadhi, chap. XLI – LI

  5. Sadhan Pada: The cause of pain, chap. I – XXVIII

  6. Ashtanga Yoga, chap. XXIX – XLV

  7. Pranayama, chap. XLVI – LV

  8. Vibhuti Pada: Samyama, chap. I – LVI

  9. Kaivalya Pada: The mind is the knowledge, chap. I – XX

  10. The complete liberation, chap. XXI – XXXIV


Om namah shivaya

This experience has been the most wonderful that I have gone through in this life. All the chaos that we carry with us is resolved in a single energy of spiritual love. Ma Shivā Mayi, our guru, I can´t think on any other way to thank you for helping us to find our true Self, incarnated to serve in this human experience. It is an honor to be part of your teachings and those of Babaji, it is a gift that is appreciated when, regardless of the mental obstacles, we remain willing to serve the Mother by listening to the heart that pushes us hard to continue on this path. The Spiritual Yoga and Mataji courses reveal to us truths we can not imagine, a simple way to love and truth to live daily in harmony and walk forward on our spiritual consciousness as a part of a whole.

Infinite thanks!!!


San José, Costa Rica, December 2017

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